File number : 166-930524-005

Mario Saucier

Event date : May 24, 1993

Mario Saucier was found dead on a bedroom floor of his Trois-Rivières-Ouest apartment. He had been shot. Analysis of the crime scene revealed that he got up from bed to answer the door and was shot through it. The suspect then broke down the door, went to the victim, who had taken refuge in his bedroom, and finished him off. Nothing on the premises showed signs of having been searched or moved. Neighbours heard gunshots around 11:15 p.m. The victim was an electrician who worked on large construction projects. The motive for the crime may be related to a money loan.

If you have any information that could help solve this crime, contact the Centrale de l’information criminelle of the Sûreté du Québec at 1 800 659-4264.